TAIMAI GROUP is a specialty pharmaceutical company servicing the global customers with a growing list of APIs and Intermediates. We manufacture a wide-array of quality APIs for both Human and Veterinary fields. We are known for identifying the special needs and possess the expertise to supply ‘niche’ drugs- and that exactly is where our specialty lies.
At TAIMAI GROUP, we place utmost emphasis on conducting advanced pharmaceutical research. We consider ourselves as a knowledge driven firm. Our in-house research lab is called Advanced TAIMAI Research Center (ANRC) which is equipped with truly advanced research facilities.
Committed High Quality Systems
Highly qualified, competent manpower
Compliance with regulatory requirements
Follow ISO 9001-2000, cGMP quality in production facilities
Multi-purpose manufacturing
Contract Research facility
with utmost confidentiality
Customized synthesis with full-process control
Geared for low volume, high value specialty veterinary products