TAIMAI has production facilities which follow ISO 9001:2000 and cGMP standards. We are specially geared to undertake manufacturing of Anthelminthics, Non steriodal anti innaflammatory drugs (NSAID), Anesthetics, antihistamines (Anti-allergic), Anti-fungals, Anti Protozoals, Anti-coagulants, Anti-convulsants, Anti-depressants/ MAO-B inhibitors

Driven by customer specifications, our equipment maintains particle size with heap filters. We also use process water and air handling systems which meet international standards.

In addition to this we also conduct third party manufacturing for contract research at our facility ensuring 100% confidentiality by signing Non-Disclosure agreements with the clients. Also, we carry out customized synthesis with full process control.

TAIMAI is a firm advocate of the environmental causes which believes in maintaining ecological balance. Our manufacturing facilities incorporate highest standards of environmental friendliness by ensuring that all treated effluents are neutralized